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Sample banners on a web page

Absolute Banner Manager .NET supports all kinds of banners ads, including Flash and HTML Banners.
It even supports Page Peels, Page Overlays and Google Ad Sense. Plus you can have ads that rotate on the page without refreshing.

Oh! and yoru ads can be of any size, inclduing non-standard ones.

Below are some banners being tracked and served by Absolute Banner Manager .NET
Note that this is an HTML page. You can display your banners on any type of page by pasting a simple HTML code


By pasting A code like this ...

<script src="http://www.domain.com/banners/abm.aspx?z=1" type="text/javascript"></script>

Absolute Banner Manager will serve your banners like This...

This zone is using the autoration feature

Banners on this zone are automatically rotated without having to reload the page



Google AdSense :





Absolute Banner Manager also supports
PAGE PEELS (see the corner at the top right) ,
Overlays, On Page Enter ads, Mobile Ads, and Much, Much More!

Banners of any size, even non-standard, are supported


Wonder if your ad can be served through Absolute Banner Manager?

Fear not! if it can be shown on a web page, then it can be served trhough Absolute Banner Manager.

Absolute Banner Manager can also serve ads to mobile devices. And if your ad is flash based, Absolute Banner Manager
will automatically detect if Flash is supported by the browsing device and display an according banner ad!


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