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Absolute Content Rotator

The Best and Most Easy To Use Content Management System Content Server and Rotator Developed in ASP.NET and AJAX



How your Content Is Rotated

Ready to Buy? Click here to order now - Shopping with us is 100% safe Absolute Content Rotator is zone based. You define the parts of your site where you want the content to appear and then paste a single line of code to provide content to that zone. The Absolute Content Rotator then loads content into your zones on each page according to your rotation settings.

The following are just 5 samples of what you can do with this powerful content rotation application.


The following samples are being dynamically injected from our absolute content rotator demo through an AJAX Call


Sample 1 : Featured Product or content

Use Absolute Content Rotator to rotate any content like a featured product
This content is sequentially rotated


Sample 2 : Rotating Banner Ads

You can also use it to display banner ads on your site
This content is randomly rotated


Sample 3 : Joke of the day

Use it for adding new sections to your site
This content is randomly rotated


Sample 4 : Display News and Announcements

Keep your site's content fresh and up to date!
This content is fixed (called directly)


Sample 5 : Display your daily schedule

Easily rotate your date sensitive data automatically!
This content is fixed (called directly)


Plus More!

All this and much, much more can be achieved with the Absolute Content Rotator!
You can use it to display and rotate dynamic content across your entire site!
Also, You can set where and how often the content should be rotated!


Want to check the admin's demo?

Click Here to log into the Absolute Content Rotator administration

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