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This demo page shows how your headlines can be served on your pages by Absolute News Manager. Your headlines can be displayed on any page regardless of the extension (.htm, .asp, .aspx, .php, .cfm etc).

Only one line of code was required to display the news to the right.

You have complete control over how your headlines are displayed : Set fonts, colors, sizes, etc. You can even set the headlines to display vertically or horizontally, to display a thumbnail, summary ,etc.

Your site visitors just click on the headline of the article that they want to see and Absolute News Manager loads and parses its content into a template.

Absolute News Manager supports an unlimited number of templates to give your articles the look and feel that you want. You can edit and create your templates using your favorite HTML editor.

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Xbox hard drive fate
March 5, 2004
CNET News.com
M-Systems, Microsoft's new hardware partner for the Xbox, has confirmed that the next version of the game console will not have a hard drive.
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Intel envisions TiVo-like wireless PCs
March 3, 2004
CNET News.com
Intel wants desktop PCs to double up as network hubs and video recorders, a move that could make life tough for the companies that produce those standalone products.
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Camera lens mimics human eye
March 5, 2004
Philips Electronics has invented a tiny digital-camera lens that can focus on objects and create sharp pictures in ways similar to the human eye
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Cell phones got game
Novemeber 16, 2003
Cell phones aren't just for making calls. At the Wireless IT and Entertainment conference last month, companies touted spiffy features such as sophisticated cell phone video games and cameras
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