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Web Based Software and ASP.NET Development


Since the very first time that we began developing our solutions, we wanted them to be easy to set up , modify and customize. When we decided to start developing software, we decide to self-impose some strict rules :

Easy To Install
The end-result application should be very easy to install.
No Expensive Development
It should not rely on expensive software development solutions.
    Simple Customization
    It could be customized using any HTML editor.
Hosting Environment :
he software should have the option to be easily deployed on any shared hosting environment thus ensuring that it will run any where meeting the system requirements.
Low Cost databases
The software should provide low-cost and free database alternatives (MS Access for classic ASP and SQL Expres for ASP.NETs).
Common Functions
It should provide a framework for common functions (Cookie retrieval, login functions, configuration settings)
Look & Feel
It should deliver a common look and a standard user interface
The user interface should be extremely intuitive so that the end user will have no problem working with the application.
Easy To Use
The application should deliver capability without complexity
Inline Coding
Coding should be inline so that it could be customized using most development tools and allowing early adopters of the technology to easily customize the application.
Shared database support
The software should be able to use a shared database backend without interfering with any other database elements.

The end result : our patent-pending XLA Architecture

The XLA Architecture is a framework and methodology for developing software products which is the core of all our software solutions. This architecture makes it very easy for a programmer to customize the software, to build new functionalities into it and best of all : using ANY development tool without having to rely on the most expensive solutions (Like Visual Studio).

The same applies to graphic designers, as the XLA Architecture guarantees that the application's look & feel can be totally modified using any WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor.

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