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IMEI Generator & IMEI Changer Generate IMEI Numbers & change your device IMEI Number »Check it on Google Play Store!
Fake Address Generator Zip code tool and fake address generation of north american addresses. »Check it on Google Play Store!
Credit Card Validator Generate Credit Card numbers with CVV codes and expiration dates. »Check it on Google Play Store!
Binaural Beats Sound Therapy Binaural Beats Sound Therapy for concentration focus, healing and relaxing. »Check it on Google Play Store!
RapiTapi - Brain Training Game Free brain training game for adults like brain dots. Play offline with no wifi! »Check it on Google Play Store!
Calming Sounds to Sleep and relax Relaxing music sounds for sleeping, meditating, deep relaxation & SPA »Check it on Google Play Store!
The Dream Interpretation App Dreams definitions with meanings and interpretations. »Check it on Google Play Store!
Rain Sounds To Sleep and Relax Calming sounds of rain and peaceful music for sleeping and relaxing »Check it on Google Play Store!
Fart button sound noises! More than 101 fart button sound noises for free! Great Fart Prank for fun »Check it on Google Play Store!
Fix Your Credit Card Debt How to consolidate your debt and fix your credit »Check it on Google Play Store!
Love Horoscope Daily! HowDaily Love Horoscopes with astrology predictions for love and relationships »Check it on Google Play Store!

Our Products

New! RapiTapi - Brain Training Game for Adults

If you like brain training games like brain dots and games that help your brain with no wifi (that you can play offline), the RapiTapi is for you!

You have 90 seconds to tap as many dots in sequential order as possible. The ultimate brain challenge

RapiTapi is completely free. Check it now at RapiTapi - Brain Training Game Free

Cardhack - Credit Card Number Generator

Check the new app by Javxs cardhack and cardhacker, the ultimate credit card number generator.
How to generate unlimited credit card numbers with CVV codes and expiration dates.
Credit Card Generator - Generate Credit Card numbers with CVV and expiration date. Use it for testing and security purposes only. Card Hacker is the only tool of its kind capable of producing multiple credit cards of several franchises including VISA, MasterCard, Dinners and more. Each card is generated along with its own CVV and Expiration Date. Please use this tool wisely. By installing you acknowledge that you will not use these application for any illegal purposes.
The application can also be used to verify and validate credit card numbers.
Also Discover Credit Card app generation is supported. Blackbaud on the way!
Check Cardhack for more information!

NewAbsolute Newsletter 7.0

E-mail Newsletter Marketing Software and Newsletter Publishing Script.

.NET Version

NewAbsolute File Send 7.0

File Sharing and File Sending Script (YouSendIt Clone).

.NET Version

Absolute Banner Manager 7.0

Banner Ad Manager and Ad tracking Software

.NET Version - ASP Version

Absolute Live Support

Bring Live Chat Customer Support Software to your site.

.NET Version - ASP Version

Absolute Web Calendar

Web Based Calendar and Events Manager Software in ASP .NET.

.NET Version

Absolute News Manager

News Publishing and Article Manager Content Management System.

.NET Version

Absolute Video Channel

Create Your Video Sharing Site with this Video Sharing Script (YouTube Clone).

.NET Version

Absolute Podcasting

Create Podcasts and Audio Blogs.

.NET Version

Absolute FAQ Manager

FAQ Manager and knowledgebase Software Script.

.NET Version

Absolute Content Rotator

Rotate and Manage content with ease.

.NET Version

Absolute Form Processor

Form management and Form Mailing Software.

.NET Version - ASP Version

Absolute Image Gallery

Photo Gallery Software to set your own photo and media gallery site.

ASP Version

Absolute Control Panel

Manage your Xigla modules from a single location.

ASP Version


A chat Application widget with a fun and unique twist!

.NET Version - ASP Version

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Order 2 or more applications and get an incredible deal!

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Free Applications

Absolute Poll Manager

Create web surveys in minutes for your site in ASP.

ASP Version

Absolute News Feed

3 apps in one for easy News Publishing and RSS Syndication.

.NET Version